It started out as a dream.  Maybe we would live overseas as a family someday.  We had a vision that our children could become citizens of the world.  That we would all become great adventurers.  As crazy as it sounded, that idea just kept creeping back into our conversations and thoughts. Could we really leave everything we knew and loved behind to pursue this dream?  How could we do it?  When would we go? Where would we go? Slowly, the answers started coming and it began to look like it really would be possible to take a sabbatical year overseas.  Once we agreed that it was time to move forward, things miraculously began to fall into place.  And we knew it was right.  And, so our adventure begins….Team Forehand to Ecuador!

Who are we?

We are a family of four from Asheville, North Carolina.  Wayne is a physical therapist and real estate investor.  Lisa worked for The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina for twelve years.  Wayne and Lisa are well-travelled  – we met at a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer meeting and have 15 years of living overseas between us.  We knew we wanted our kids (Rachel – 10 and Alex – 6) to know about other cultures.  When Alex was three years old we started with a month in Spain and then the next summer we went to Costa Rica.  Those were wonderful experiences, but we knew that we all wanted a true immersion experience.

Why Cuenca?

We chose Ecuador for a number of reasons – neither Wayne nor Lisa have been to Ecuador (we had cumulatively visited all of the other countries in South America, except Ecuador and French Guiana).  Ecuador has beaches, cities, mountains and the Amazon rainforest.  We chose Cuenca (Ecuador’s third largest city with 500,000 people) because it was reported to be relatively safe, has reliable internet (a must for us as we continue to manage our real estate properties from abroad), and we found a school that has had experience with students from foreign countries.


6 responses to “About

  1. diana

    love seeing the photos – miss you guys!!! But you look so good and so happy, it’s reassuring to see. Besos, diana y scott

  2. You guys are awesome. We so enjoyed being with you this past weekend and hearing about things in Cuenca. Thank you for visiting us in Baños. You all seem so well adjusted and your Spanish skills are fantastico! Disfruten todo!

  3. Lilah

    Happy Birthday Rachel!!! Love Lilah……

  4. Sofia

    Hi Rachel! Miss you! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Sofia

  5. wendy

    Happy Late Birthday Rachel. Your chocolate cake looks so good!
    I miss you. Love, Fields

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