Last day of school

June 28, 2013


First days of school

Dear Rachel and Alex,

Today is your last day of school – what a milestone.  You did it!  You made it through a whole year of school in Ecuador and you not only survived, you thrived.  You learned a new language (and are so fluent that you correct us sometimes!), you made new friends, you defended yourself against bullies, you learned about how schools can be so different.  You gained a new understanding about diversity.

We are not sure what you will remember from this year.  Above all, we hope you will remember how much you have accomplished.  How you trusted us to come to this new place and went to school every day despite how hard it was sometimes.  You learned to

Alex turned 7 in Ecuador

Alex turned 7 in Ecuador

Raquel turned 11 here

Raquel turned 11 here

maneuver in so many new situations – packed and unpacked and slept in more foreign beds than imaginable just a year ago.  We’ve seen you grow stronger and more flexible throughout every moment of this process and we hope that you’ll come to see yourselves that way as well.  YOU did it.  We cannot imagine being more proud of any completed school year than this one.  Thank you for seeing it through to the end and giving it your all.

Now only time will tell how you will view this year and how it may affect all that lies IMG_1688IMG_1584ahead.  Know that we wanted so much for you to appreciate that there is a world out there – greater than all of us.  Congratulations!

We love you,

Mom and DadIMG_0440



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8 responses to “Last day of school

  1. Bob

    Rachel and Alex, you are awesome! And, your parents are pretty cool too. Congratulations! We can’t wait to see you.

  2. Lina Evans

    Wonderful letter! You r such great parents! It’ll b fun to c what they do remember! What an adventurous life u r providing. Love you and watching from the sidelines, ( and cheering) Lina

    Sent from my iPad!

    • Well, we’re not sure that dragging our kids around the world makes us good parents…wish that were true, but we appreciate all the cheering from the sidelines we can get. Heck, maybe when we get back we can have you join our game!!! Coach maybe?! XO Lisa

  3. Christine

    Congratulations Rachel, Alex AND Lisa and Wayne. We are so proud of all of you! We hope you will share some of your experiences (or many) with us when you return.

  4. David Von Kohorn

    hey, alex and rachel — congratulations of this great accomplishment! we know that you both (and your mom and dad) have had an amazing year, and as christine said, we up north are very proud of – and inspired by – you all…and excited to see you again! — love and hugs, lisa, david & zoë

  5. Megan

    We love you all soooooooooooo much and so look forward to your coming home…so much to talk about…it would be nice to connect before you come home…we are so happy for you and your journey…enjoy your last months there…. love, Megan, Steve, Brian and Saila

  6. Jack Forehand


  7. Jack Forehand


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