Corpus Christi

IMG_3946May 30 – June 6: OK, so I am not Catholic and I cannot really tell you about the religious significance of Corpus IMG_3853Christi.  What I can tell you is that Cuenca honors it for sevenIMG_3846 days and that it is cause for lots of eating and celebration.  The main plaza turns into a sort of Candy land with more than 90 stalls selling traditional sweets.  It can make one’s teeth hurt just looking at it!  Then, there are “Castillos” or castles made of bamboo filled with every kind of firework you can imagine.  The castles are lit after dark for each of the seven days.  Our friends’ apartment is on the fourth floor of a building that borders the main plaza and we got to see the fireworks from just feet away.  Had we been in the US there would have been police, firemen and all sorts of safety precautions taken.  But here, where personal responsibility reigns, the Castillo was lit in the IMG_3899middle of the plaza surrounded by hundreds of people.  We were so close to the fireworks that we thought our hair would burn as the embers flew by our faces.  Check out the videos below – these are two of nine videos…so it’s just a glimpse at the fireworks we saw!


Videos of the Castillos:


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June 19, 2013 · 1:14 pm

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