A new home in Asheville?


May 22, 2013:  Big news – we are selling our house in North Asheville which we have called home for eight years.  Below is a link to the MLS listing – feel free to pass on the word to anyone you know who might be interested.


Here is the scoop – A little less than a year ago, we left what we knew as normal.  We left our friends and family, we left jobs, our kids left their beloved schools and we left our house.  We followed a dream and started a stimulating adventure.  We knew we’d see amazing things and experience life in a new culture.  What we did not know is that we would also have more down time.  Time together as a family and time for introspection.  Wayne and I found time to talk, not just about who was driving which child where or what we would have for dinner, but to delve into an evaluation of who we are, what we believe and how we want to live.  Being here has given us the distance and time we needed to really consider, choose and aim more intentionally at what we want for and from life.

When we left our home in North Asheville a year ago, we did not anticipate that we would not be returning.  We have decided we want community, kids in the neighborhood and a much smaller mortgage that could keep us from having to join the rat race and leave us more money to travel or pursue other dreams (those are yet to be determined!)  It is amazing what we have been able to do from thousands of miles away with some supportive friends and the Internet/Skype!  So…we’ll look forward to sharing time with you in our new home – the manifestation of our newly affirmed values to live simpler, less busy lives.



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6 responses to “A new home in Asheville?

  1. David Von Kohorn

    wow…sounds right to me. you go, you amazing forehands! just don’t go too far away! — love, david

  2. Bob Wagner

    You left out the part about your friends the Wagners living in your basement as part of your new lifestyle… You guys are awesome. Sending lots of love your way. Bob

    • Sure, the more the merrier -that is if you all could squeeze in between all the stuff that is in our new garage. Lots of purging ahead! Lots of love to you all too!! Lisa

  3. Kevin

    That is great! What a wonderful decision. God bless you guys!

  4. Jack Forehand

    Yep, getting away from all the stress is great! You;ll live longer and improve your quality of life. Stress will harm your health. I know.
    On Mother’s day, Kim checked out your new house and loved it.
    All the Best in your travels……

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