Middle of the World!

Middle of the World!

Looking out from one of the spires at the Basilica

Looking out from one of the towers of the Basilica

Dec. 22 – 30 Quito: Sometimes an offer is too good to refuse.  We were asked by a gringo couple living in Quito if we would be willing to watch their cat and do a house exchange over the holidays. We had not yet been to Quito and the kids had a week vacation – so off we went!    We were delighted to stay in an apartment instead of a hotel and another big bonus was the magnificent view over the city from their apartment.


Mimi & kids walking in the historic center


On Pichincha Volcano overlooking Quito

Quito is a lovely city surrounded by the Andes Mountains with an altitude of 9,000 feet (1,000 feet higher than Cuenca).  The historic center was the first city chosen by UNESCO to be a world heritage site – it certainly is beautiful and well preserved! We saw the changing of the guards, quite a few opulent churches and got a kick out of walking the streets with colonial architecture surrounding us.

Wayne’s mom came to visit for about ten days over the holiday.  We lit Chanukah candles (eight white candles that most people use when the electricity goes out – placed on two disposable plates) and we spent Christmas together.  Our apartment was close to a huge park where we hiked around on Christmas day.

Take a look at the slide show…some highlights for us were:

Cyclopaseo – On Sundays, the city shuts down 29km of roads, including

Riding bikes in Old Town

Riding bikes in Old Town

some through the historic center, for bicycle and pedestrian traffic only.  Rachel, Wayne and Lisa rode bikes and it was FUN!

Mitad del Mundo – Ecuador gets its name from being on the equator.  Interesting to stand on the equator and learn about gravitational pull!

Otavalo – the largest indigenous market in the Americas.  It goes on forever!  We were lucky to be there on Saturday to see the livestock market too – it is an animal rights

"Panama" hats are really made in Ecuador.

“Panama” hats are really made in Ecuador.

advocate’s nightmare, but interesting to view nonetheless.

Guayasamin’s home and Capilla del Hombre – he is probably the most famous Ecuadorian artist – his powerful art depicts human suffering and promotes human rights.

Teleferiqo/Cable car – took us up the Pichincha volcano overlooking Quito where we enjoyed breathtaking views.  The best part was hiking up the volcano. Rachel even went horse riding.

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5 responses to “Quito

  1. Marcia Whitney

    Awesome, Lisa and Wayne! Thanks for sharing,


  2. David Von Kohorn


    …and you all look like you’re beaming!

    david, lisa & zoë

  3. Megan

    You guys looks so great!!!! We’ll have to set up a time to talk again soon.

  4. Larry Wheeler

    It’s so wonderful to get your posts and see the amazing things you’re all doing. Those of us who’ve never been to these places get to experience them through your pictures and words. Larry

  5. Colleen

    Amazing! Beautiful pictures and great stories. Great to “see” you all. Happy 2013!

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