Rachel’s Chola Cuencana


Rachel’s post – My school does a lot of fun things, one of the things we did was the “Chola Cuencana.”  We did the dance and song called “Chola Cuencana” on November 29, 2012.  All of the grades at school did research projects on Cuencana culture – Alex did a project on the sweets of Cuenca.  I’m in sixth grade here and my class, Sexto B, was singing and the people from Sexto A were dancing – but some of the girls from Sexto B got to dance – luckily that included me!  We had been practicing for about a week.  I thought it would be a fun experience because my friends, Isabella, Martina, Ivanna and I were the ones that danced from my class.  It has been almost the funnest part of the year for me.  One of the best things about dancing for me was dressing up and really feeling like a girl from Cuenca (that’s the meaning of Chola Cuencana).  Many of the indigenous ladies today still wear the Chola Cuencana.



IMG_1581 IMG_1586 IMG_1584



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7 responses to “Rachel’s Chola Cuencana

  1. I love this, Rachel! You are a great blogger (and dancer too!) Keep up the great work!

  2. Larry Wheeler

    Yea Rachel AND Alex — we miss you guys — and even your parents 🙂
    Larry and Nancy

  3. Holly

    Great job, Rachel! Your sense of rhythm is excellent. We miss you!

  4. David Von Kohorn

    Fantastico, Rachel! What a great way to start my day: reading your blog and seeing you dancing. We can’t wait to see you again! — Love, David (and Lisa & Zoë) …and big hugs to Alex, too, please.

  5. betty

    What fun! You made my day, Rachel. Now after seeing your dance and previous pictures from your Mom and Dad, I really want to visit Ecuador. Your Mom’s old friend, Betty

  6. Bob

    Awesome Rachel! You’re an excellent writer and dancer. We’ve been taking salsa lessons, but we’re not very good. Maybe you can teach us when we are all back in Asheville.

  7. Jack Forehand

    WOW! Rachel, I’m impressed! You have grown so much in a year…
    I miss you guys and can’t wait to see you again….
    grandpa Jack

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