October 26 – 28.  Rather spontaneously, we pulled the kids out of school one Friday and headed out of town.  We went to the Valley of Longevity, Vilcabamba, known for its centenarians, beautiful scenery and temperate climate that have attracted its fair share of expats.  We passed through Loja and vowed to get back there again, but were more interested in our destination, a German run hotel ( that offered everything we would want in a weekend getaway.  The kids most enjoyed the resident dogs and newborn kittens, but also liked the pool, ping pong table, life size chess board and lots of green, safe space for the kids to run around.  Wayne and I indulged in a yoga class and 90 minute massages and great food (that I did not have to cook).  We went downtown one day and went horse riding – Rachel really does love it.  Otherwise, we just hung out at the hotel in their open air restaurant with an absolutely spectacular view of the valley and really had a blast.



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2 responses to “Vilcabamba

  1. betty

    So good to see all of you sparkly folks in the sparkling sunshine as Chicago weather grays and turns mean. Love, Betty Jacobsen
    P.S. Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Lauren

    that looks amazing! It was a balmy day in Asheville and we cooked and ate and now I am going to zonk out. Happy thanksgiving. We are thankful for you. Xoxo Lauren

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