Piedra de Agua

October 22 – Wayne and I headed about 15 minutes by bus outside of town to Banos, a little town just outside of Cuenca that boasts thermal hot springs.  We had been before with the kids, but this time we decided to splurge on the higher end facility.

So let me clarify our “splurge” – if you get there before 9 am any day during the week it is two for one.  Meaning we paid $30 for the two of us – this included a steam bath, red and blue mud baths, a Jacuzzi and cold plunge in a cave-like rock setting (kind of reminiscent of Grove Park Inn) and Turkish steam chambers.  We had the place to ourselves – literally we did not see anyone apart from employees.  We then enjoyed two more thermal pools before we were noodles and needed to get home.  We hope we can share our find with some of you who might visit!



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7 responses to “Piedra de Agua

  1. Megan

    That is so cool!!!!

  2. Marcia Whitney

    I love it! Thanks for sharing,


  3. betty

    Loving your posts. Good to hear from you in any form. Chicago chilling. Florida inviting. Looks warm where UR. Sigh. Betty

  4. david v.

    what a remarkable find! it was in the 20’s in asheville last night. we’re jealous!

  5. C L Wheeler

    Glad we signed up for your mailings — not sure who those two dark skinned people are, though, as shown in the first picture 🙂 Larry and Nancy

    Larry Wheeler

    3B Hedgerose Court

    Asheville, NC 28805-1328

    Cell 828 989-8682

    Home 828 298-6690



  6. Diana and Scott

    wow… this looks great! so glad to see you’re having fun!

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