Getting out of Cuenca

Sundays are very “tranquilo” here in Cuenca.  Many people leave the city (you can get to the countryside within 15 minutes) to visit their second home or just to enjoy the beautiful country and pueblos outside of the big city. It is a bit harder for us to get out of town since we don’t have a car, but recently we are able to get out to a couple of these areas; Giron, Gualaceo, and Chordaleg.

One Sunday, our friends, Noni, Santiago and their five kids picked us up and took us to see the spectacular waterfalls of Giron.  After a short hike in the forest the kids played around at the bottom of the waterfall. We enjoyed their company and our conversations about family, history and politics.

A few weekends ago we took a 1 hour bus ride to Gualaceo with some friends of ours from Nashville, TN; Vivian, Todd and their daughters, Johanna (15) and Sophia (11).  We stopped in Gualaceo long enough to see its Sunday open air produce market and have lunch.  Then, we boarded another bus to Chordaleg – known for its very reasonably priced jewelry, particularly its silver pedigree.  Having just gotten ridden of so much stuff in Asheville, we were not in the mindset to acquire anything yet, but we had a great time looking and walking around.

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2 responses to “Getting out of Cuenca

  1. Megan

    I’m so jealous! And so glad you are having such a great time!

  2. Michelle

    Hi Forehands!!! I have been keeping up with your adventures over these past few months and WOW, you have been doing some amazing things! I miss you all. It brings smiles to my face to see YOUR smiling faces 🙂 It looks like all is well and Alex and Rachel are having an experience they will take with them for a long time. Thanks for creating this blog, it’s great to get to experience the trip in this small way. I look forward to seeing more.
    Love you guys,

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