School, Camp and Spanish

July 20 – The kids took exams and Lisa and Wayne had an extensive interview with the school psychologist at Colegio Santana, a private school here in Cuenca.  It took the school a week to come to a decision and tell us that the kids were accepted (it was a hard wait since we did not have a back up school!)  We met with the Director of the Elementary School and she said the acceptance was conditional on the kids taking some one-on-one Spanish classes.  It made sense to us – their success and the ease with which they will adapt their first few weeks at school has a lot to do with their ability to speak and understand Spanish.  Lucky for us, they recommended teachers and we also knew some folks (relatives of our host family, of course) where the kids could take a summer day camp.  For the last three weeks we have gotten into a routine:  the kids spend the morning at camp, we pick them up and take them downtown exploring new restaurants for lunch.  Then, we take them to their one-on-one Spanish class.  They have enjoyed the singing, playing, cooking, doing art at camp…all in Spanish.  No other gringos at this camp.  And…it costs $15 per week.  Alex had a few rough days, but he managed to make some friends and overcame his anxieties.  I’m attaching some videos of their end of the week presentations – notice the kids maneuvering in Spanish –it is gratifying for us to see and hear!

Rachel and Alex singing “Te Toca Ti”

Rachel singing “Amigos”



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2 responses to “School, Camp and Spanish

  1. Megan

    I’m so jealous! What a great trip you’re having and meeting so many cool people! Kids look pretty happy!

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