Hike in Tarqui

July 21 – One of the teachers from the kids’ camp,Veronica, invited us to their family’s second home in Tarqui, about 20 minutes outside of Cuenca.  What a lovely family!  They have five children and we met their parents and one of the siblings too.  We had lunch and then hiked up a little mountain the French had surveyed.  It offered a beautiful 360 degree view of the valley.  We walked along the ridge top to another church.  Veronica’s dad was truly inspirational – in his late seventies, climbing faster than anyone else and carrying one of the grandkids to boot.  His secret – he wakes up at 4:30 am and meditates, does yoga, is very active in his community, is a life long learner and has a great attitude.

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7 responses to “Hike in Tarqui

  1. Holly

    I love the blog, Lisa! These photos are beautiful!

  2. This is GREAT! I love reading your blog and seeing the pictures. (And it’s all living up to my “expectations,” as you feared it wouldn’t in your very first post 😉 Now you’ve got to get the kids writing. Love living vicariously through you guys!

    xo Barbara

    • Wow – what a nice compliment – especially from such a great blogger like you! I am interested in feeback (good and bad) since this is my first time and I am really not sure what people want to read/see. Great idea to get the kids writing – well, Alex cannot write yet, but Rachel can! Thanks for making me believe I could do the blog – XOLisa

  3. Bonnie Parker

    It all looks awesome! I’m so glad that all is well with the Forehands! Hugs to you! Love Bonnie Parker

    • Bonnie,
      I am looking forward to hearing about YOUR adventures in Turkey. We spend a lot of time with the Wagners last week – so nice to see them. We are hoping they decide to spend their last few months here in Cuenca with us! Hope all is well with you all -XOXO Lisa

  4. Kathy

    Hola Forehand family….Spoke with Margaret the other day and she told me you were blogging the trip. Great idea. It looks like so much fun. Keep us there. Love and kisses to all. Kathy Chaulk

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