Getting Ready to Go

March 15 – we moved out of our house in Asheville, NC.  A wonderful family from England showed up on our doorsteps and wanted to rent our house in three weeks.  Three weeks, yikes!  But, they were perfect and we thought we might as well jump right in.  So, we threw things away (we were regulars at Goodwill!) and we packed other things and we moved into Grandma Mimi’s house.  We realized how truly burdensome all of our stuff could be.  Did we need that much stuff?  NO!  How much freer we feel with fewer things.  It is a lesson that we hope will follow us as we journey on.

As we left our house, we lit a fire in the backyard and sat around and remembered all the wonderful things that had happened in that house.  This was where our son learned to walk, countless birthday parties, lots of playdates, both of Rachel’s piano recitals….lots of great memories to leave behind.  As part of our closure, we all put our hands in the middle of the circle and cheered, “Team Forehand, To Ecuador” – it was our way of acknowledging what we were leaving behind and what we had to look forward to.



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2 responses to “Getting Ready to Go

  1. David Von Kohorn

    Hey, Team Forehand — How great to see and “hear” you all! You look wonderful and are clearly having the experience of a lifetime. We miss you guys, but are so glad to hear how smoothly things have gone for you. We’re all fine. Zoë celebrated her 10th b-day a week ago and we’re now on Block Island for our summer vacation, where she got her ears pierced today for her b-day present. She also got 2 kitties which are hypo-allergenic (for Dad’s benefit) and which we’ll pick up in a few weeks. Keep up the great blogging; it’s good to hear from you! — Love, David, Lisa & Zoë …p.s. what’s the password to get into your youtube movies??

    • Hey, Team Von Kohorn – great to hear from you. Happy Birthday to Zoe. I’m going to work on the YouTube video. I don’t dare tell Rachel about the ear piercing or the kittens – she would be super jealous and I would never hear the end of how she needs both those things!! All the Latinas here have their ears pierced so I might be fighting a losing battle! Love to all of you! Lisa

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